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Welcome to Earthybox

We are thrilled to have you here for all your Eco-friendly lifestyle needs & excited for what's in store for you; natural, sustainable gift-boxing with no-to-low toxins & minimal waste


Why earthybox?

At EarthyBox our motto is “Of the Earth, For the Earth” – we strive to live by the ethos that Eco-friendly, sustainable living shouldn’t cost the Earth (both figuratively and physically!)

It is our pleasure to provide gift-boxes brimming with low-to-no toxin, and low-to-no waste products for you, your home and loved ones.

Our loyal customers have the peace of mind knowing that by shopping at EarthyBox they are reaping the following benefits:

  • Beautiful, unique Australian products that make gifting easy!

  • Cheaper than purchasing individual items

  • Exposure to many different sustainable Aussie makers

  • Helping stop the cycle of waste inc. your own household waste

  • Simple, thoughtful and effective way of helping our planet heal

  • Helping communities by way of supporting Fair Trade and local artisans

  • Less toxins in the home…and more!

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